Friday, 18 September 2015

The Perfect Perfume, The One

From day to night, office to cocktails, Dolce&Gabbana 'The One' will have you smelling your absolute best. It's the perfect go to perfume. Obviously liking the smell of something is rather personal, but, there aren't many who don't like the scent of this gorgeous perfume. It's neither too sweet or husky and is ultimately timeless.

My mum brings it out every year on the run up to Christmas, so, as you could imagine, for me, its got that Christmasy scent about it. Which is dead cute. I have a high tendency to steal a spray or two. Guilty as charged.

It's soft, cuddly smell with that hint of feminine is a touch that undoubtedly, we all need in our drawers. I find that the smell lasts pretty long however there is a fantastic little roller ball available to those who love a little refresh as the day drags on. 

Lets all bare in mind that it is less than 100 days until Christmas, so, ladies, not only is this the perfect present for your mum, your sister, or fellas, maybe your better half, but it is also the perfect gift to yourself. Get it here.

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